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K. Nathan Gallery
Pre-1950 American and
Early California Paintings

KelmanOrtiz custom frames are created by master craftsmen using only the finest materials. We pride ourselves on our authentic carves that have been taken directly from the best of the original frames we have acquired over the years and our fine gold leaf finishes give them the look and feel of authentic period handcrafted frames. The materials and craftsmanship of KelmanOrtiz frames place them among the finest quality hand carved, gold leaf frames being created today. Each frame we carve receives the personal attention of master gilder and company co-founder, Andres Ortiz.

Dealing in fine American and early California paintings for over 30 years, company co-founder, Keith N. Kelman, knows the importance of displaying your prized artwork properly. The right frame can transform a painting into a showpiece. We invite you to enhance your artwork with a fine KelmanOrtiz creation.


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